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"We changed our target customer segment from 50 employees to 250 employees because we discovered it is more profitable"

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Market opportunities

"To enter the Brazilian market you need to comply with a lot of custom regulations which has been an obstacle to our growth there"

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Competitive landscape

"We would tend to see these competitors on larger deals, they don't seem to go after SMB clients"

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Voice of the customer

"There are three different types of buyer profiles depending on the size and type of organisation you aim to sell to"

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"On average each client above 100 employees would require about 4 hours of onboarding and would have a dedicated Account Executive"

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"In Australia we observed that messages focused on employee retention converted much better"

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Team culture

"There was a very flat team structure at the beginning, although more senior team members arrived recently"

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"In my experience, a good benchmarking
would be a 30-40% conversion from MQL to SQL"


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