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Scale your investment screening and diligence with our research-on-demand platform. We run calls and exhaust public data to build fact base any company with the simplest process ever.

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Your dedicated, on-demand research platform.

Instant execution

Tell us the company you are looking into in one click, and get first insights 48 hours later.

Digestible reports

All our reports follow the same format, enabling you to access relevant insights faster.

Guaranteed quality

Built by seasoned investment professionals, our methodology delivers results every time.

Live summary

Get the insights that matter in a live summary document.

As soon as the research starts, you get access to our key insights summary, updated live, allowing you to see how the story builds up, and provide feedback.

Consistent structure

React, ask questions, drive follow-ups

Links to supporting sources


Dive deeper with easily digestible call notes.

After every call, get access to our summarized call transcripts, allowing you to dive deep into the original content and identify potential deal advisors

Top 10-bullet point summary

Provide direct feedback on deep-dive areas

Identify and access the best experts


Gather and compare key metrics across deals

We keep track of key metrics in a live database that you get access to, enabling benchmarking, scoring and detailed market mapping

Consistent metrics structure

Rating engine incorporating expert calls data

Integrates with CRM

How we work

Our approach is unique.

Expert Focus is the only platform that lets you scale your investment screening and diligence processes in only four simple steps.

Add prospects

Drag and drop prospects into the “live” column to start the research process.

Research starts

We immediately start the research and expert interviews with the network of your choice.

Review progress

Access live documents to review progress and provide follow-ups.


Close research on a prospect and move to the next one as soon as you are satisfied.


We cover everything you need.

Our methodology runs through the full spectrum of commercial due diligence.

Business model breakdown

Detailed understanding of the business model & profitability pools.

Market definition, size & trends

Definition, assessment of size by segment, understanding of drivers with a structured approach.

Competitive landscape & dynamics

Evaluation of market shares by segment & understanding of who is winning versus losing.

Voice of the customer

Detailed description of buyer persona, KPC, and discovery-to-purchase journey.

Historical & recent performance

Contextual insights on what drove recent financial & operational trajectory.

Value creation assessment

Evaluation of potential for growth acceleration and margin improvement.

Management team assessment

Structured opinion on the fit between the existing management team and the key challenges for the business.

M&A potential

Assessment of potential for growth through acquisitions and potential targets.

"After 8 years of experience with investment due diligence, I started Expert Focus to bring the power of scale and technology to investment research processes."

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Frequent Questions

Are there really unlimited requests?

Yes! Once subscribed, you're able to add as many requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.

How fast will I receive my requests?

On average, most requests receive an initial insights summary after 48 hours days, and are complete after seven business days, or as soon as you ask us to move on to the next one.

Who will be doing the research?

Our team of former consultants from various geographies and industry backgrounds bringing their expertise with running expert calls and performing commercial due diligence.